Dr. John Berberian: Science Says Exercise May Help Prevent COVID

John Berberian Atlanta

December 19, 2021

Dr. John Berberian: Science Says Exercise May Help Prevent COVID

Could exercise help combat social isolation issues and prevent illness? Dr. John Berberian says yes.

As numbers surge across the country, public health officials are continuing to seek solutions that boost immune systems and reduce the risk of COVID infection. While most doctors and medical experts recommend getting the COVID vaccine, there are other considerations for increasing health while reducing risk for people of all ages.

“We are seeing increased recommendations for testing,” says Founder and CEO of HSD Consultants John Berberian. “But, that isn’t the only thing that people should be doing to slow the spread. Recommendations for social distancing are still in place too. That leaves a lot of people with other challenges—mainly the mental strain of stress and isolation. We have to deal with this concern as well.”

While working out of Atlanta, GA, Dr. John Berberian recently explained how research suggests routine moderate exercise helps support a stronger immune system and prevent viruses like COVID. One recent study also warns that social distancing could trigger less activity if people aren’t mindful of this connection:

“…despite being one of the main strategies against COVID-19, social isolation has been related to behavioral and physiological changes, including the increased prevalence of sedentarism and eating disorders (food compulsion, hyperphagia), resulting in negative consequences for metabolic health, such as weight gain, growth of fat tissue, hyperglycemia and insulin resistance and loss of muscle tissue. Since this condition can harm the body’s defenses and contribute significantly to the reduction in individuals’ physical condition, functional and health loss, the adoption of healthy habits and an exercise routine can help in maintaining health.”

Personally, Dr. John Berberian enjoys cross-training in Atlanta, GA. He says regular exercise keeps the body strong and allows the immune response to react faster by keeping inflammation at bay. “There is a tendency to slow down our activity level when we are socially isolated,” he warns. “It’s easy to think reducing social activities means reducing all activities outside of the home. But, exercise can be done outside or in the home. It might take a concerted effort to get into a healthy routine. So, we want to make sure people are moving regularly.”

Research has indicated that even an hour of sitting can be an issue if it is a regular habit. One study found people who had the most sedentary lifestyles and frequently sat for 60-90 minutes were twice as likely to die as those who were sitting for less than 30 minutes in a given time throughout the day.

Dr. John Berberian getting into a physical fitness routine is important for clarity of mind, physical strength, balance and ability to fight off disease. He still warns that people who are fit and otherwise healthy should get tested if they come into contact with a COVID-positive person or experience symptoms. The NPSFlex™ swab has been created with injection molding to help increase the number of reliable tests available throughout the US.