Dr. John Berberian Talks About the NPS Flex Swab and COVID-19 Testing

John Berberian Atlanta

August 5, 2021

Dr. John Berberian Talks About the NPS Flex Swab and COVID-19 Testing

With our world approaching 200 million cases of COVID-19 as of this writing, having effective ways to take samples is vital to staying on top of the extensive testing needed for this deadly disease. Dr. John Berberian, an Atlanta doctor working in developing new options for swabbing for medical testing, has developed the NPS Flex Swab, a promising new option to deliver better samples and more accurate results. But what is the NPS Flex Swab, how is it different than other NP swabs on the market, and how is it improving supply chain issues?

Dr. John Berberian Talks About the NPS Flex Swab and COVID-19 Testing

Atlanta Doctor John Berberian Discusses the NPS Flex Swab’s Use in COVID-19 Testing

The extensive testing requirements that have been put into place around the world have lead to a shortage of nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs, which are used to take a sample from the nasal passages to test for COVID-19, among other diseases. Seeing the issues that were being caused by this shortage, Dr. John Berberian began working on a solution. With a strong background that made it much easier to understand the needs of both the patients and the testing facilities, he developed the NPS Flex Swab to help meet demand during this time of worldwide crisis.

Designed to be both flexible and of sufficient quality to take good-quality samples, the NPS Flex Swab is an injection-molded NP swab, giving it strong tensile strength for sample taking. At the same time, its smooth finish provides a comfortable testing process, an important aspect when testing is part of a regular schedule of health checks. Rather than having your people constantly dreading regular COVID-19 tests to keep everyone safe, the NPS Flex Swab from Dr. John Berberian makes the process virtually painless.

With these needs in mind, Dr. John Berberian worked to design this new type of NP swab, providing an excellent alternative to swabs that may be difficult to source, can become contaminated, or break while in use. Because the NPS Flex Swab is produced within the United States using freely available injection molding technology, your lab can stop worrying about shipping delays, tariffs, and similar issues.

This innovation is in line with his push to develop strong testing solutions to meet the needs of healthcare and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Another direction Dr. John Berberian has been working on is expanding testing capabilities, specifically using robotics to speed up the testing process, which allows for testing up to 11,000 tests daily, with additional expansion available in the future as needs arise.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues marching forward, it is innovators like Dr. John Berberian who will help ensure that our healthcare system can keep up with the frantic pace of the disease.