In Today’s Giving World, Dr. John Berberian Reveals How to Pick a Charity You Can Trust

John Berberian Atlanta

May 14, 2021

In a world where it seems everyone is asking for a handout, it can be tough to determine where your hard-earned money can do the most good. Having a big name is simply not enough these days to tell if an organization is worth its salt. How does one know whether a nonprofit is trustworthy enough for your giving? Renowned health entrepreneur Dr. John Berberian shares his thoughts on how to choose a charity you trust, and how to sleuth out a good match.

Key Signs to Look for

 According to John Berberian, figuring out a charity’s trustworthiness isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. You can first do a little research through an independent charity rating organization, such as,, and Then, take a look at the numbers, and how they rate the nonprofit. “Believe it or not, finding out how much the CEO makes doesn’t tell you the whole story,” Berber explains. “ Look at the big picture. If the nonprofit gives at least 75 percent of their whole revenue, that’s great. But if is 10 percent or less, there’s a problem. Just as a successful for-profit company has good operations in place, a good charity with smooth operations gives well.”

 Checking out a charity’s 990 tax forms is another good measure of its trustworthiness, Berber says. It’s a sign of how transparent the organization is. 

Transparency, along with operations, is key in sleuthing out how a charity is doing. “It’s more than watching the sob stories on TV ads. Go to their website and get their contact info. Call them and ask questions in friendly conversation. See if their narrative checks out,” says Berber. “A great charity is very transparent. They’re proud to show you their work, and how much they give back. If they’re apprehensive, walk away.”


Finally, Berberian notes, it’s important for the giver to give to what they’re passionate about. Whether it’s a philanthropist or a blue-collar worker, he or she should never have to feel pressured to give. “Advertising for awareness and fundraising is fine. That’s different,” explains Berber. “But a good organization, small or large, will never pressure you for your funds to the point of feeling uncomfortable. That’s your hard-earned money. Use it wisely.”


About John Berberian


Dr. John Berberian is an experienced CEO with a strong entrepreneurial background in the health and wellness industry. He has founded several consulting companies for medical clients, including Hospital Services Direct, LLC, Medi-Direct, LLC, and HSD Consultants, LLC. John graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University and currently invests in clinical laboratories focusing on Covid 19 PCR testing. He has also invested in solving the supply chain issues  by manufacturing a Nasopharyngeal swab and Viral Transport Media here  in the USA with an output of 4000 VTM tubes an hour through his companies such as 3D Medical Supplies, LLC and  BRBR Holdings, LLC. He is the proud parent of  3 rescue dogs and is passionate about giving back to animal and wellness nonprofits in local and national communities.