John Berberian Discusses the Impact of Rescue Dogs on the Public

John Berberian Atlanta

May 14, 2021

John Berberian is a chiropractic doctor and the founder of HSD Consultants, a molecular laboratory management and acquisition firm. He’s also a long-time supporter of rescue efforts for dogs. This cause has seen significant traction as of late, particularly during a pandemic when animal shelters had a difficult time meeting the increased demand of the public.

This has sparked a lot of discussion about how rescue dogs impact families and the surrounding communities. Dr. John Berberian discusses why this is an important issue for everyone.

The Hope of Rescue Dogs

When people rescue a dog, they’re usually rescuing it from either living on a street or from euthanasia. Canines have been hard-wired for centuries to connect with human beings on a deeper level and denying them the chance to love and protect is heartbreaking on so many levels.

Rescue dogs bring a message of hope for everyone involved. From the children who grow up with a dog to the strangers they meet on walks, John Berberian knows that the ripple effects of one good deed can never be discounted.

A Blow to Puppy Mills

Puppy mills continue to thrive today because they often operate in secret. Even with the negative press about them, it’s not always apparent to owners where these dogs come from and what kind of life they had before being adopted.

Considering the increase in interest for dogs today, it’s likely these operations have only grown over the pandemic. John Berberian knows that rescue dog efforts can stem or even halt this cruel practice, which may make the public safer from dogs that have been abused or mistreated in the past.
Today’s shelters are notorious for providing low-cost services to pets before adoption, whether it’s vaccines or training. The goal is to ensure that both dog and the owner will be safe from the moment they’re matched together. Puppy mills are known for everything from inbreeding to overcrowding, which can make for dogs that need a lot of special attention.

John Berberian on Rescue Dogs and Families

A rescue dog is not a fashion accessory or a photo opportunity. It’s a long-term responsibility with some high-yield rewards. A rescue dog in a family gives everyone the chance to take care of a dog and to let that dog take care of them in return. It imparts strong lessons that people will take with them for the rest of their lives, whether they remain life-long pet owners or not.

There can be some degree of hesitancy when it comes to rescuing dogs, but there are countless success stories that always end the same way. John Berberian believes a person who takes a chance on a dog is really making a smart investment in their household and neighborhood.