John Berberian of Atlanta GA Reminds Animal Lovers to Consider Rescue Dogs, Since Only Half of Shelter Dogs Find Homes

John Berberian Atlanta

August 5, 2021

John Berberian of Atlanta GA Reminds Animal Lovers to Consider Rescue Dogs, Since Only Half of Shelter Dogs Find Homes

What matters most is giving animals a loving home, and not their pedigree, according to John Berberian of Atlanta GA

Pets can be an unending source of love for the people they live with, and John Berberian of Atlanta GA is hoping that more people will come to recognize the huge need to focus attention on pets in shelters. Obtaining an animal in need from a shelter does a lot more good than simply buying an animal that was bred to be sold.

The key is getting the word out to people who are thinking of getting a pet anytime soon. John Berberian in Atlanta GA has a feeling that once people actually see the animals in person, it will be easier for them to make a connection and take one home.

The idea is that when individuals learn about pet shelter adoptions near where they work or reside, they’ll be more likely to rescue an animal themselves.

John Berberian of Atlanta GA Weighs in on the Benefits of Adopting Shelter Pets

With a background filled with compassion because he is an owner of Assisted Living Facilities, John Berberian of Atlanta GA knows that there are many people out there who would welcome the opportunity to provide shelter to an animal with no other place to go.

Consider that shelters in the United States receive approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats every year, keeping them in about 3,500 facilities across the nation, according to Spots.

One of the problems with so many animals winding up languishing in shelters is that up to 40% of these animals wind up being euthanized. That’s what happens when resources are strained and more animals than can be safely accommodated arrive at the shelters.

When thinking about all of the animals that are bred in puppy mills for sale by unscrupulous individuals out to make a quick profit, John Berberian in Atlanta GA wishes more people would open their hearts to adoption. With so many abandoned and lost pets in need of a home, it makes sense to find a nearby animal to take care of instead.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals cites unconditional love being a major benefit from rescuing a pet.

What’s more, the ASPCA notes that when you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are saving more than one life because when you take your animal home, you free up space at the shelter for another dog or cat in need.

Enriching Your Life By Bringing a Rescue Animal Home From a Local Shelter

In these times of stress and uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, it’s a good idea for people to reduce as much stress as possible. That’s why John Berberian of Atlanta GA recommends that individuals consider adopting a pet from their local shelter.

Animals have so much love to give and all they need is a return of this affection along with the basic necessities. The result is an improved life for the pets as well as the people they stay with.