John Berberian of Atlanta GA Suggest that Fast Access to Testing for COVID-19 Is Essential for Helping Society Emerge From the Pandemic

John Berberian Atlanta

December 21, 2021

John Berberian of Atlanta GA Suggest that Fast Access to Testing for COVID-19 Is Essential for Helping Society Emerge From the Pandemic

John Berberian of Atlanta GA has his eyes on the state of the healthcare industry, with observations informed by his ownership of assisted living facilities.


While we are still in the midst of a global pandemic causing COVID-19 infections, there is room to be hopeful about resolving this once-in-a-century health crisis. John Berberian of Atlanta GA, who owns assisted living facilities, has unique insight into the need for people to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID-19.

He wants to remind everyone that people need better access to testing as soon as possible, in massive numbers. We need testing to find out who is healthy, who is currently ill, and who has been exposed to the novel coronavirus that’s been keeping communities locked down and sheltering in place.

John Berberian of Atlanta GA on 3D Printed Swabs for Testing COVID-19

Of particular interest for testing COVID-19 are the NPSFlex swabs, which are registered with the Food and Drug Administration. Made in a factory at a capacity of as many as 2 million swabs every month, the NPSFlex swabs are packaged individually. Each swab is sterilized with gamma radiation to keep everyone safe.

The swabs are made using 3D printing technology, allowing for faster production of an important piece of medical equipment. John Berberian of Atlanta GA knows that such swabs are useful for testing people in his assisted living facilities, to keep them and their loved ones healthy.

About COVID-19 Testing

John Berberian of Atlanta GA is paying close attention to the announcements issued from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since their scientists are on the forefront of protecting individuals from the pandemic.

According to the CDC, there are two kinds of tests for COVID-19 infections.

* Antibodies: An antibody test, which you may also hear referred to as a “serology test,” is useful because it tells whether you have been exposed to coronavirus and have been infected. It is based on blood drawn from your body by a phlebotomist.

The presence of antibodies in your bloodstream indicates you have contracted COVID-19 at some point. However, this test is not meant to be used to see if you are currently infected with the coronavirus.

* Viral Load: This test will indicate if you are now infected with COVID-19. The technician giving you a test may use nucleic amplification tests, which emphasize particles in the blood to make them easier to identify, and antigen tests. An antigen test shows if vital antigens from COVID-19 are currently circulating in your body. Antigen tests are made possible by nasal swabs, such as NPSFlex swabs now in production.

More Nasal Swabs and Blood Tests to Help Keep Everyone Safe

With more blood tests to detect past infections and more nasal swabs being used to help determine who is currently infected, John Berberian of Atlanta GA is optimistic that the world will be able to recover. Just how quickly this recovery process might take is still to be determined.