John Berberian on Integrating Holistic Healthcare to Your Daily Routine

John Berberian Atlanta

May 14, 2021

John Berberian: Why Holistic Healthcare and Western Medicine Don’t Have to Clash

Holistic healthcare has become something of a buzzword these days, and it can provoke strong feelings on both sides of the aisle. Dr. John Berberian is a chiropractic doctor and he wants people to know just how important it is for their personal health. No matter what school of thought a person is from it doesn’t have to be an either-or scenario.

Defining Holistic Medicine

When people hear the word holistic or even a more specific term like Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), they might associate it with a number of ideas. The truth is that holistic medicine simply refers to the treatment of the whole person, and it doesn’t have to include unpronounceable herbs, acupuncture, or chi metrics.

There are certain injuries and diseases that are unavoidable, but the primary goal of holistic medicine is to prevent events before they occur. John Berberian has seen numerous musculoskeletal injuries that could have been avoided with the help of anything from regular exercise to a better office chair.

John Berberian on How to Integrate

It cannot be stressed enough that integrating holistic medicine starts with awareness of the mind and body. Everyone’s routine will be so different that a one-sized solution would be detrimental to even suggest. That being said, Dr. John Berberian knows that sometimes it’s as simple as making one change and noticing how your body responds to it.

For instance, if a patient already knows that their diet could be better, a holistic approach might start by taking a daily multivitamin. Maybe the patient doesn’t notice any changes at first, but as time goes by, they find they need that second cup of coffee less and less.

Many people find that holistic medicine is more palatable because it’s easier to add rather than take away from a daily routine. So instead of eliminating your usual fast food lunch, you eat a garden salad beforehand.

Why the Mind Matters

The mind-body connection in holistic health is one that can’t be discounted for any reason. Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings do have an impact on how your body reacts to different stressors. Ignoring this will only make things worse.

John Berberian knows that finding a balance has everything to do with your internal strength. Holistic medicine promotes everything from addiction counseling to meditation as a way to keep stress at bay and promote harmony.

The bottom line is that holistic health is easier to integrate into a daily routine than most people realize. Five minutes of breathing exercises, a few more veggies, a lap around the block: these are all examples that don’t require superhuman efforts. More importantly, they’re small changes that you’re likely to both maintain and built upon as time goes by.