John Berberian Underscores the Importance of Universal Access to COVID-19 Testing as Variants Spread in the U.S.

John Berberian Atlanta

December 21, 2021

John Berberian Underscores the Importance of Universal Access to COVID-19 Testing as Variants Spread in the U.S.

As public health professionals contend with ever-increasing coronavirus infections, John Berberian hopes more people will take advantage of masks, vaccines, and COVID-19 tests.

Doctors, nurses, researchers, and other medical professionals are stretched thin as they try to grapple with the advancing number of people infected with COVID-19. John Berberian, who owns assisted living facilities and cares deeply about ensuring proper access to healthcare supplies, emphasizes the urgency for increased testing.

The Need for Increased Testing Results in 3D Printing to Make Swabs Faster

To discover if a person is infected with COVID-19, medical teams rely on nasal swabs. It’s not the most pleasant experience to have one’s nose examined in such close detail, but it’s necessary to stem the tide of the global pandemic. John Berberian feels gratified that advances in technology allow factories to produce more swabs.

Using 3D printing machinery, healthcare industry professionals developed a faster, efficient way to produce more NPSFlex swabs. This technology will be instrumental in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic that’s responsible for COVID-19 infections. 

Manufactured in the United States, NPSFlex Swabs are flying off the production lines. It’s possible thanks to an injection mold design, which engineers created to allow for easier manufacturing of swabs. A factory can make 2 million swabs each month. 

In a clinical environment, workers require a bendable nasal swab that won’t easily break during sample collection. Guiding the tip of the swab against the back wall of the nasal cavity enables workers to gather samples to see if someone has COVID-19. The more swabs that roll out of the factory, the sooner waiting patients can find out the results of their tests.

John Berberian Anticipates More People Will Heed the CDC’s Guidance on Avoiding COVID-19, in Light of New Variants

Variants or different versions of the novel coronavirus have been circulating the world. The recent Delta and Mu variants appear to be much more effective at spreading from person to person.

Accordingly, people must follow the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC is sounding the alarm about variants of the coronavirus but explaining that we have tools to protect us. “Wearing a mask is one way to reduce the spread of Delta and other variants,” per the CDC. Scientists do expect variants to occur when viruses circulate in human populations.

With Masks, Vaccines, and Ongoing Testing, There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel for COVID-19

John Berberian is an optimistic person. That’s one reason why he got into the business of assisted living facilities, where trained medical professionals are standing by to help people get the most out of life. 

Berberian knows that as long as more people get vaccinated, wear masks in groups, and have easy access to testing with nasal swabs, we should be able to move past the pandemic.