Owning Assisted Living Facilities Has Focused Dr. John Berberian’s Attention To The Healthcare Requirements Of The Pandemic

John Berberian Atlanta

December 21, 2021

Dr. John Berberian’s Attention To The Healthcare Require The Pandemic

Dr. John Berberian Reminds Organizations to Encourage Workers to Wear Masks, Get Vaccinated, and to Rely on COVID-19 Testing for Improved Safety

Despite what some observers call “COVID fatigue,” it’s essential that everyone do their part to combat the growing coronavirus pandemic causing COVID-19 cases to mount all around the world. Dr. John Berberian, a proud owner of assisted living facilities, wants to remind organizations large and small about the necessity of people wearing masks in crowded locations indoors. 

They should also get vaccinated and use COVID-19 tests, such as those produced by new 3D printing machinery that’s making NPS swabs at high volume.

Dr. John Berberian on the Need for PPE, Tests, and Vaccines for Everyone

At the start of the pandemic, hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices were short on personal protective equipment or PPE, which led to shortages of essentials such as masks. 

Another critical element in the fight against COVID-19, Dr. John Berberian reminds us, is the use of nasal swabs to do testing. The NPSFlex swabs are in production now, producing about 500,000 swabs every week, thanks to automation and 3D printing to boost the effort.

Coping With Pandemic Fatigue 

After being cooped up for so long and missing the regular interactions of human society, some people are growing quite weary with the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. John Berberian had been dismayed to learn that there is a syndrome known as “COVID-19 fatigue”

As the American Medical Association noted, “People are experiencing a type of burnout that experts are calling COVID-19 fatigue, which can lead to careless behaviors and a sharp rise in cases.”

An excellent way to counter the unpleasant feelings is to look for ways to connect with others. For example, doctors recommend that people play computer games with their friends. It’s also a good idea to develop a schedule for your tasks, even if you are doing less these days than before the pandemic began. 

And of course, it’s prudent to wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and stay socially distant when you’re not sure if people around you in a crowd are vaccinated or not.

Optimism About the Coronavirus Pandemic’s Outcome

Dr. John Berberian has realized that with America’s technical prowess, the country can produce sufficient amounts of vital tools to fight the novel coronavirus that’s been killing people through COVID-19 infections. 

He notes that the consistent use of face masks is essential, especially when people cannot easily keep their distance from one another. And now that vaccines are readily available, free of charge, there’s no obstacle toward getting jabs to everyone still in need. 

With vaccinations and masking comes the third element of public health: ongoing testing. The 3D-printed COVID-19 tests come out of the factory quickly, at a rate of at least 2 million units every month. 

That should be encouraging news to people concerned about when we will see some light at the end of the tunnel of this once-in-a-century pandemic.