Vaccines, Variants, and COVID-19 Testing: John Berberian Discusses How NP Swabs Fit In

John Berberian Atlanta

August 5, 2021

John Berberian Vaccines, Variants, and COVID-19 Testing NP Swabs Fit In

How Can NP Swabs Aid the Fight Against COVID-19 Amidst Vaccines and Variants? John Berberian Weighs In

Dr. John Berberian, owner of 3D Medical Supplies LLC, has been in the throes of the fight against COVID-19 almost from the word go. He’s seen how NP swabs have offered more accuracy in testing, a benefit that has saved countless lives from potential exposure. He discusses how his new product NPSFlex™will fit in with the new landscape of the coronavirus.

Vaccines and Variants: How NP Swabs Work

COVID-19 vaccines have dominated the news as of late, but there are still a lot of questions about how effective they are against the variants of today as well as potential variants of tomorrow. Testing is still going to be needed everywhere to understand the illness and its mutation. Dr. John Berberian knows that effective testing starts with giving professionals the right tools.

With NPSFlex™, the tester can work with an injected molded nasal swab that is high-tensile, bendable, and unbreakable. The design allows professionals to access the septum floor without having to worry about the swab snapping in two or otherwise interfering with the results. It’s a way to handle high-volume testing situations without the stress of traditional NP swabs.

Are NP Swabs Really That Accurate?

NP swabs are able to access the upper part of the throat through the nose. It’s not a comfortable process by any means for many people, and Dr. John Berberian saw it receive a lot of attention toward the beginning of the pandemic. It begs the question: is it really necessary? The answer is yes.

NP swabs are able to cut down on false readings because they can root out infected cells that might be hidden deep in a cavity of the body. Regular throat and nasal swabs can certainly catch some infections, but they’re more likely to say that a person doesn’t have COVID-19 when they actually do. Accurate results aren’t just nice to have, they’re crucial for everyone to make better choices for their health.

Dr. John Berberian on Asymptomatic Carriers

COVID-19 is tricky and it’s managed to fool people all over the world. From asymptomatic carriers to intense rates of contagion, the NPSFlex™ is here to give people an edge in diagnostics. Berberian has long had a passion for diagnostics, and how medical professionals can go about assessing patients in the best possible way.

The right combination of supplies and strategy can go a long way as we look past the virus of yesterday to new challenges in the future. Dr. John Berberian is there to fight the virus on all fronts. The sister company of 3D Medical Supplies Inc., Millennia Advanced Scientific, LLC, is able to complete 3,000 COVID-19 tests per day for Central Florida residents.