Why Are NP Swabs Better for COVID-19 Testing? John Berberian Discusses the Advantages

John Berberian Atlanta

July 16, 2021

John Berberian Why Are NP Swabs Better for COVID-19 Testing?

Why Does John Berberian Believe NP Swabs Are More Effective Against the Pandemic?

When it comes to tackling a tricky (and deadly) disease like COVID-19, the goal is for healthcare professionals to inspect infected cells that might be otherwise undetectable with standard medical supplies. A nasopharyngeal (NP) swab is one that can reach the upper part of the throat, and it differs from a regular nasal swab or cheek swab.

Dr. John Berberian is the owner of 3D Medical Supplies, LLC, and a professional with a long-standing passion for diagnostic medicine. Between this organization and sister company Millennia Advanced Scientific, LLC, this professional has been instrumental in the fight against the pandemic. He weighs in on why NP swabs are so effective and how his new product can be helpful with testing.

Accuracy and COVID-19 Testing

Long before the vaccine was being offered, COVID-19 testing was the best defense we had against the disease. Yet there were a lot of questions about how tests were administered when results could be confirmed, and just how accurate they were, to begin with.

After the medical community collected the data, it became clear that NP swabs were the heavy hitters of the medical supply world. Using this method was the best way to cut back on false results and give people the information they need to make better decisions. With Millennia Advanced Scientific, LLC able to run up to 3,000 COVID-19 tests for Florida residents every day, John Berberian has no doubt about the efficacy of these swabs.

What Is the NPSFlex™?

The NPSFlex™is an injected mobile nasal swab available through 3D Medical Supplies, LLC. Bendable yet strong, this tool can reach deep into the body’s cavities to root out cells hiding under the surface. It can slide along the septum floor of the body without the tester having to worry about breakage or disruption.

John Berberian knows that even as infection rates wane, testing is going to be undeniably important to keeping the pandemic at bay. As new variants crop up and travel continues, the healthcare community will only be able to monitor the situation if they have all the information they need.

John Berberian on the Pandemic

The coronavirus may be in the rearview mirror for some, but the fight is still on all over the world. Treating patients starts with having the right tools, and the benefits of quality aren’t lost on the medical community.

If they’re going to have to test patients day in and day out, they need quality supplies that they can rely on no matter what. Dr. John Berberian does everything he can to ensure his colleagues get what they need to do their jobs.